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Welcome to my web site. I have been a lead guitarist in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years. My skills as a lead guitarist, some classical training and experience with jazz and folk give me the ability to acousticize a wide variety of music with the singers in my projects.

I am fortunate to have these great musical opportunities in my life. The Hergert Brothers is an acoustic duo I have with my dad Paul Hergert who is a veteran musician who led me into music. . Julie Thompson is an accomplished jazz singer in the Milwaukee area. I perform at my church which has given me the opportunity to create my own acoustic versions of spiritual music. And in addition to some song writing I have done with my friend Larisa DeZayas, I have recorded music with vocalist Rikki Sczesny and my girlfriend Lynn Vircks. You will find more information about each project and song samples on the linked pages.

Samples of my solo material

These are a few examples of my solo work. Scroll down to the next headings for full recordings.


These are recordings which came out pretty good. They’re not perfect. I do have to keep the day job and try to get a good take on these in my little home studio.

    One of my guitar heros is Rik Emmett formerly of the band Triumph. He has gone on to many different kinds of guitar playing in his solo career. This piece of his has been my most challenging acoustic piece. It takes me quite a while to get my right hand finger picking chops in shape for this one.

  • All thumbs – Rik Emmett

    Classical guitar recordings

    When I was 19 and going to COLLEGE AT MATC DOWNTOWN, I took a semester of classical guitar at the Wisconsin Conservatory. It taught me proper right hand position for classical guitar. This technique is not something I can pull off without allot of dedicated rehearsal time. These pieces aren’t perfect but came out as good as I think I can play them.